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by The Great Explainer

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released October 28, 2014

Thanks to Bean and the Panic State crew. Also thanks to Paul Ritchie and Scott Liss at Retromedia Sound Studios. This record was recorded in November of 2013 at Retromedia Sound Studios in Red Bank, NJ.

Engineered and mixed by Paul Ritchie, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. Cover art by Sean Bernhardt.



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The Great Explainer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Shadowcaster
if we’re our own clay to mold/ why do things make so much sense/ all this talking is simple/ too much talking can cripple/ I think I feel more than I see that your concerns can’t concern me/ fuck your steeple chasing/ it’s all so simple but still unclear/ you’ve got to sift through the filler and tear through the filters/ if one thought ran do not give chase/ there’s no sense pursuing/ there’s no grasp at this pace/ most times the hard things are so simple/ it’s better to only care a little
Track Name: Defeated
you sway and slant your speech to justify your means/ it makes more sense you wish it didn’t have to /restrain thought like a pundit on stage /do the means justify the slant you’re aiming to? no never/ try to forget the issues that plague you/ so obvious implications don’t phase you
Track Name: God Botherer
take your cares and let them shatter/ here in this space nothing matters/ we’re all essentially alone/ try to leave myself a blank slate/restrain this body let the mind indulge/ you’re trying to catch something you shouldn’t/ still there’s no answer/ I’ll probably never catch a fucking answer/ no/ these vessels were never meant to know/ your empty thoughts can never grow
Track Name: Benevolence
fixtures played as answers breeds hope/ slow/ through this canvas of emotion we cope/ it bleeds out truths to know/ but the engine’s worn out/ self-loathed/ we reap the slanders we sow/ is this trying for something/ or nothing at all/ ask one’s self on speculative ground/ I’d rather sit and stare/ something in that gleam tells me there’s more than we thought was there
Track Name: Phrases & Logos
a night of confessions to make me choke/ well I’ll walk home then/ another night reading the notes you wrote/ but they’re not true so I let my feelings bleed out/ not gonna bring back ties to ease the pain/ I’d rather cut all ties and leave it up to fate/ okay/ sometimes things are better off this way/ I don’t need an answer either way/ I’ll brush off these scars and ignore the pain
Track Name: Untitled
cracked my consciousness to see/ that what I’m after is me/ everything is right/ while everything is wrong/ the thought of being is what keeps this soul on/ as I look through this thick haze/ clouding me/ there’s no time or history/ just me/ pried out my mind to see/ it’s the thought of being that keeps this soul on/ the thought of being is what keeps this soul on
Track Name: Makeshift Cities
let your guard down/ I know the path I’ve paved/ is gonna crack some day/ I’m digging nail to skin/ to get a sense of what pain is/ can you tell me if this is taking too long/ my mind’s not right and this feeling’s gone/ nobody has to know/ it’s cold by my side/ as we sit beneath black skies/ exchange words until twilight/ ‘til we go home
Track Name: Black Books
the roads that lead to water/ are the roads that lead us home/ and I’m always waiting for another/ and I’m always waiting to get home/ wasteful/ useless/ your words start it all/ and I’m always waiting for another/ and I’m always waiting to get home/ breathe soft/ breathe slow/ thoughts in double time/ abrasive walls in well kept rooms/ see the movements as you listen
Track Name: Creature Comforts
constrained by tight grip as follows/ I’ll follow/ I hope a shred of self can still maintain/ it treads in everyone/ composed of everything/ it’s something cold/ does isolation lend to decay/ stay sound/ mental facilities/ extend extremities/ contorted imageries/ try to take the reins along the way/ so cold
Track Name: Unapproachable
not that I never care/ I just care too much/ empathy and exhaustion/ I see these blind eyes that pry on me/ I just want to be alone/ lose your faith/ take a leap/ fuck with fate /yeah/ sleep/ should I never care/ or should I always care/ is it one in the same